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Retaining Walls

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Retaining Wall Options

Retaining walls can be built in a wide array of styles and materials. Whilst there are plenty of options available, Lawton Retaining Walls Melbourne can advise and help you choose the best option to suit your property.

Three of the key considerations that we will help you with are; your personal preferences, the environment and the load your retaining wall will need to hold.

We, of course, can advise the retaining wall cost and provide you with a free quotation. As one of Melbourne’s leading retaining wall builders and installers we use a variety of different materials according to the look, feel and functionality you require. Retaining Walls can add significant value to your home and can be beautiful as well as functional.

Below you will find just some of the many retaining wall options we offer.

Treated Pine Sleeper Retaining Walls



Treated pine sleeper retaining walls are an economical choice and often designed to support an excavated or a filled embankment to prevent soil from collapsing and damaging property.

Treated pine sleeper retaining walls can be built in a variety of sizes and with a choice of different supporting uprights including steel or timber to compliment and blend in with any landscape backdrop.

Timber Retaining Walls


Whilst treated pine retaining walls are an economical choice, other timber sleepers can be used to build a timber retaining wall.

These includes:
Hardwood Sleeper Retaining Walls – Ironbark Sleeper Retaining Walls – Cypress Sleeper Retaining Walls – Jarrah Sleeper Retaining Walls – Recycled Sleeper Retaining Walls – Railway Sleeper Retaining Walls.

Each of these offers a varying degree of ideal application and they provide versatility in durability, colour and finish. All have the added benefit of the stunning, natural looks you will only find with timber.

Concrete Retaining Walls


Concrete retaining walls and concrete sleeper retaining walls are strong and insect-proof, and not prone to rotting. A concrete retaining wall is also easy to clean and maintain and relatively cost-effective.

However, the cost for a concrete retaining wall is generally higher than a treated pine sleeper retaining wall or timber retaining wall due to added material costs and labour. A big benefit of using concrete sleepers is that they are great in small and tight spaces as the sleepers run in the exact same line as the posts.

Concrete and concrete sleepers come in a variety of different colours, patterns and textures and last for decades!

Rock Walls


Without doubt, rock walls are amongst the most elegant and natural solution for many properties in Melbourne.

Lawton Retaining Walls can design rock retaining walls that will suit the environment and will complement the natural landscape of your property.

With a range of different rocks and rock sizes available, we can help you choose the most appropriate rock for your feature rock retaining wall.

Types of rocks

Lawton Retaining Walls has experience working with a wide range of rockwall materials from Granite rock, Coldstream rock, Mudstone, Bluestone and various types of rock wall boulders, which can be crafted to build a stunning and structurally sound rock retaining wall.

Gabion Walls


A gabion retaining wall is more than a basket full of rocks! Our Gabion walls are constructed with either small or large steel galvanised gabion baskets and filled with your choice of rocks or stones and provide a unique and stylish look for any property.

In addition to gabion retaining walls which are an obvious solution to sloping sites and where drainage is important, our Gabion walls can be profiled to suit the contours of the land or your particular requirements. Gabion walls are also an effective, environmentally friendly solution where erosion has been a problem.

Gabion retaining walls and Gabion baskets are also an ideal solution for casual seating areas, garden edging, fireplaces and more, as well as a stylish way to help minimise exterior traffic noise and provide a modern and stylish screen to any home.

Rendered Blocks



Boasting durability, simplicity and style, rendered block retaining walls will meet the highest of expectations for design, functionality and life span.

Versatile in their application, rendered block walls are popular for low-lying walls as well as garden edging, and for areas with undulating terrain.

Rendered block walls come in a variety of finishes and can include curved edging and tiered designs.

Brick Retaining Walls



Brick retaining walls are a popular choice because of the flexibility they offer. Bricks can be used to create a straight retaining wall or to create beautiful gently sloping curves.

Brick retaining walls are also a popular choice because they are very durable and can stand up to Melbourne’s moisture and the ever-changing weather conditions. They won’t rot, warp or be affected by termites or insects.

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